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"With its relatable and sympathetic protagonist, complex setting, and exceptional emotional range, this title is easy to recommend. -- Publishers Weekly, starred review 

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​​There are ninety-six things Genesis hates about herself. She knows the exact number because she keeps a list. Like #95: Because her skin is so dark, people call her charcoal and eggplant—even her own family. And #61: Because her family is always being put out of their house, belongings laid out on the sidewalk for the world to see. When your dad is a gambling addict and loses the rent money every month, eviction is a regular occurrence.


What’s not so regular is that this time they all don’t have a place to crash, so Genesis and her mom have to stay with her grandma. Grandmas and Mom always fight, but things aren’t all bad. Genesis actually likes her new life at her new school. 


But how can Genesis believe anything her choir teacher says about her talent, when her dad tells her the exact opposite? How can she stand up in front of all those people with her dark, dark skin knowing even her own family thinks less of her because of it? And when Genesis reaches #100 on the list of things she hates about herself, will she continue on, or can she find the strength to begin again?

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Alicia D.

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