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Julie Buxbaum is the New York Times bestselling author of novels for adults, young adults, and middle grade readers. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children and more books than is reasonable. Fun facts: 1. Julie still hasn't learned her times tables, so when helping her nine year old with his math homework, she sometimes has to google the answers while hiding in the bathroom. 2. Julie loves terrible puns and dad jokes. 3. She has had the same best friend since she was 4. Her teddy bear, which she's also had since the age of 4 is named Snowy, and she doesn't have the heart to wash him. 4.  In her freshman year of high school, she tried out for the cheerleading squad, the soccer team, and ran for president of her class. She got rejected from all of them. 5. She loves reading and meeting young readers

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Julie graduated
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